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The Art and Artist

The Artist:   Daniel J. Wiener


During the past 45 years, Dan has continually designed and produced new ceramic work and has had numerous one-person and group exhibits. He developed an inner-city community craft studio in Worcester, MA, and was citywide director of year-round neighborhood arts education programming and a founding member of Grove Street Cooperative Gallery.


In Boston, his studio was at Mudflat Studio, a cooperative school, studio, and gallery, and he was director of ceramics at Project Art Center in Cambridge, where he taught pottery and glazing techniques. Upon moving to Newton, MA, he realized his dream of operating a studio that he can share with family, friends, and the community. He is a member of Newton Open Studios, a citywide artists’ collaborative.


My current work...


...reflects an interest in asymmetrical forms and expressive surface decoration.  

My studio is filled with stamps, gears, nets, cut-outs, auto parts, kitchen tools, recyclables, and other found objects used to impress designs in clay. I create "abstract landscapes" by stamping and rolling these textured materials into clay slabs. The work is fired to Cone 6 - 2232 degrees F in an electric oxidation kiln.


All pieces are lead-free, waterproof, and safe to use with food.

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